ExPlant Technologies is continuously developing new methods for analysis of natural products of algal, microbial

and/or plant origin

Compound analyses currently running at ExPlant Technologies:

  • anthocyanins
  • bitter acids in hops
  • carotenoids
  • coumarin and phenolic compounds in Cinnamom sp.
  • etheric oil content by Clevenger distillation & composition by GC-MS
  • fatty acids and phytosterols
  • galanthamine and other alkaloids in Narcissus and other bulb species
  • GC-MS fingerprinting of extracts
  • natural colour compounds in e.g. indigo producing plant species
  • pyrrolizidine alkaloids in Jacobaea sp.
  • steviol glycosides in Stevia plants and extracts
  • taxanes in Taxus sp.
  • terpene indole alkaloids, e.g., in Catharanthus
  • vanillin and related components in Vanilla pods, powders and extracts
  • vitamins