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Plant cell and organ cultures

ExPlant is specialized in developing plant cell and organ cultures that serve as alternative production systems for the generation of valuable plant-based products.

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Image: R. Eibl, P. Meier, I Stutz, D. Schildberger, T. Hűhn, D. Eibl, Plant cell culture technology in the cosmetics and food industries: current state and future trends, Appl. Microbiology and Biotechnology (2018) 102: 8661-8675


ExPlant Technologies has established methods and products for transfection of oligonucleotides into intact plant cells; the oligonucleotides affect gene expression and/or mRNA formation.

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ExPlant adopted antisense oligo nucleotide (ASO) -based gene modulation approaches to interfere on mRNA function and levels in plants.

Image:  Antisense Oligonucleotides (sigmaaldrich.com)