ExPlant Technologies develops plant cell and organ cultures that serve as alternative

production system for e.g. bio-active metabolites, enzymes or structural proteins and antibodies

As supporting technologies ExPlant develops:

  • methods for metabolite analyses
  • mRNA transcript profiling methods and
  • biochemical enzyme assays

Based on combined data, ExPlant develops:

  • treatments to maximise product yields in cells and plants
  • biotransformation of compounds for improved characteristics
  • pathway engineering to produce new leads

So far, ExPlant has lines of:

  • Catharanthus roseus cultivars for producing intermediates in indole alkaloid biosynthesis
  • Jacobaea sp. for biosynthesis of pyrrolizidine alkaloids upon feeding precursors
  • Plant lines for biopesticide development

Catharanthus roseus serves as our initial system to develop our technologies and to realise valuable bio-active metabolites

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